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Hypnotherapy in barcelona is the practice of Master Practitioner Nick Othen (cnc dmh mnh mtnlp). The Practice is based in various private therapy centres across barcelona for ease of client access and is a caring and confidential service you can trust. Each of the hypnotherapy sessions are tailored to each individual client to maximize success and resolution usually in only one session. Nick has seen many hundreds of clients from all over the world with great success and uses the very latest forms of hypnotherapy recognized by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the British Medical Association. He is also a long time member of the Royal Society of Medicine.
A private hypnotherapy session can be used for many emotional and psychological problems and hypnotherapy is also a wonderful, natural, deep relaxing feeling which focuses the mind to allow changes to happen while you are in full control. Each session lasts for approximately one hour but a non clock watching approach is always used.

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Just imagine how easy it would be to use safe, fast and effective hypnosis to finally overcome a problem or situation in your life without having to use will power or suffer from cravings, failure or worry.
Hypnotherapy: A Note On What It is And What It Does
Upon hearing the word hypnosis, some people might immediately have a frown in their face, with only few people believing the truth behind the concept of such. In the case of hypnotherapy, however, things are seen in a different way, although it is also deeply grounded on the principles of hypnosis. Simply put, hypnotherapy is a clinical technique that is used in the treatment of various health problems through the effective use of hypnosis. This requires skills in verbal communications to be able to achieve the results that are being desired from the treatment. In the rest of this article, you will be provided with more knowledge on the concept of such, and most importantly, on the benefits that have been reported in the past.
The Process
In the introductory paragraph of this article, it has been revealed what hypnotherapy is actually all about. Nonetheless, it is also important for you to have an understanding of how it works. The first thing that you should know is that for such to be effective, it should be carried out by a trained hypnotherapist. It takes valuable knowledge and skills to perform such an act, and unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with the ability to do so. It is something that is learned, making it critical to work only with professionals who are registered to practice such.
A hypnotherapy session typically starts with the establishment of a good relationship between the therapist and the client. This serves as the foundation of the entire process and will often be indicative of the success of the session. In addition, this will also involve being able to have a clarification of the goals that should by the end of the session. During this point, it is also clarified that the patient will not be treated with hypnosis. Rather, the patent will be treated in a state of hypnosis.

After the initial process, it then now moves to the achievement of trance, which can be done in numerous ways. For instance, it is common that the patient is asked to be relaxed while lying down or being seated. After which, the therapist makes use of soothing voice, music, or any other techniques that will make it possible to relax the mind and to enter a deep trance. Once the treatment is done, you will be slowly brought back into full consciousness and away from trance.
On How Hypnotherapy Can Help
In the past, numerous benefits of hypnotherapy have been revealed, making it a more popular treatment option. These benefits include the different conditions that can be treated with the use of the latter. However, it is essential to remember that these benefits can only be fully realized if the treatment is effective, which can be achieved if it is carried out by a hypnotherapist.
One of the most often cited benefits of hypnotherapy is related to weight loss. While there are many people who find it impossible to believe such, there are also many who have proven its effectiveness. By being able to control the mind and to put it in a defined state, it is possible for you to believe that there is a need to modify your diet and healthier alternatives in order to achieve a fitter body. There are weight loss plans that include hypnotherapy as a tool to achieve better results. In a study by Jean Fain, a psychotherapist from Harvard Medical School, it has been proven that hypnosis is a tool that can be helpful in being able to trigger weight loss.
More so, it is also believed that hypnotherapy can prove to be helpful in influencing people to stop smoking. This has also been asserted as being effective. In this case, during a hypnotherapy session, the patient is being asked to imagine all things that are unpleasant about smoking, including its odor and deadly effects. While these sessions are carried out with the help of a professional, it can also be done on one’s own. Every time that the patient feels the need to smoke, the best thing to do is to simply relax the mind and think of the negative impacts of smoking.
Aside from weight loss and being able to stop smoking, hypnotherapy can also be helpful in improving sleep, managing stress, overcoming phobias and traumatic experiences, improving study skills and memory, overcoming anxiety, prevention of burnout, and improvement of relationships, among other things. As long as it is done the right way, hypnotherapy can prove to be effective across a variety of purposes.
There is actually no definite duration for hypnotherapy sessions. This will highly depend on the need that is being seen by the therapist and on the problem that is intended to be solved. Obviously, petty problems will take shorter time, but the more serious ones will take a longer time to treat. The number of sessions will also depend on the extent of the problem. For instance, some can be solved in just one session while others can take a couple more. If it is the first session, it normally last for an hour and a half and the succeeding session will be less than an hour.
More so, during hypnotherapy, patients are also often taught how to complete self-hypnosis. This makes it possible to cut down the number of visits that they have to complete with the therapist. Rather, they can just do hypnosis on their own and achieve the same results as well.
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