Hair transplant

Hair Loss: Some men gradually lose their hair over the front, top, and crown of their head, but most men still do not understand the root cause of hair loss this is called male pattern baldness. Usually this is genetic 

Hair transplantation: there are two procedures in hair transplantation fue and fut techniques 

Follicular Unit Extraction: (FUE) 

There are several advantages of FUE. With moderately sized procedures, it leaves virtually imperceptible punctuate scars in the donor area once healed. 

Follicular Unit Transplantation: (FUT) 

(FUT) is a hair restoration procedure where hair is transplanted exclusively in its naturally occurring groups of 1-4 hairs this procedure usually leaves a thin line scar and might show when shaved. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), performed under stereo-microscopic control with single strip harvesting, is currently the most powerful hair restoration technique.

In addition, this operation may require those who threw the weight after obesity. How to get rid of excess weight-is an important step on the path to health and beauty, but unfortunately many skin may not always recover their elasticity: can cause skin flabbiness, saggy stomach like an apron. In dealing with this problem will also come to the aid of the tummy tuck. 

Recommended for tummy tuck surgery and postoperative scarring in the lower abdomen, where it is possible to remove the scars from the skin. 

Abdominoplasty can optionally include strengthening muscles of the anterior abdominal wall hernias, removal of the white line of the abdomen, as well as liposuction performed directly during the operation. 

The scar on the lines of lingerie and disappears between 6-12 months and the color becomes a smiliar to your skin. 

After the second week after the surgery, as well as heavy exercise while gentle exercise and Sport 3 months you should stay away.

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